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      Ningbo HuaJun electric appliance co., LTDLocated in the ningbo fenghua hi-tech development zone, the company set design, production, marketing into an organic whole, committed to the development of new energy technology, products for the net speed hot drinks machine, intelligent household appliances, etc., and with led by leading products. At present, our company in the switching power supply and net speed hot drinks machine products above has successfully taken a big step 。

      My company in the aspects of management, always focus on "people-oriented, customer first, focus on professional, strives for strong" of humanized principle and adhere to the "rapid, indeed, diligence, innovation" the enterprise policy. In the fierce international and domestic market competition, HuaJun are with "give priority to with science and technology, customer first" the idea unswervingly one step a footprint, Introduced a world-class network communication technology, the most advanced professional technology and excellent management, high level, a full range of products, solutions and outstanding personalized services, towards the domestic first-class high-tech enterprises with core competitiveness and the goals of continuous efforts! Our company focus on quality, always uphold the "integrity first, quality win" principle, strictly comply with ISO9001 international standardization organization quality certification system standards for efficient operation.

      Company not only has the first-class staff, complete production line, also introduced the most advanced management ideas, set up in accordance with the development of the enterprise management system. Company to create a distinctive corporate culture, is to create the special power supply industry and home appliance controller to achieve "rush out Asia, strive for the world first-class" goal to strive for!

Service in HuaJun by heart:
      Service is the sublimation of products, but also a philosophy. Truly, truly, we are all in "to the service, by heart", only the heart, we can stand in the customer's position and Angle to consider; Only the heart, we can pay close attention to and understand the customer's individual needs; And only by heart, we can do it beyond the customer's desire, did not think of to customers, do what we should do.

      Company is in line with the management efficiency, quality is life, service is the source of purpose, make economical, taste the unique market space. Good faith! Pragmatic! Based on the long term is the management aim of our company; All for the sake of customers, satisfy the different levels of customer demand is our service standards.