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1、HuaJun business philosophy

(1)HuaJun people view

①、On social, age, industry and development trend
We age, the industry and the surrounding things are positive and optimistic attitude, enthusiasm to accept new things, good at change, can quickly adapt to the changed market environment。

②、Opinion of people
(1)Opinion of himself: perseverance, never say die, be good at change, can seize the time, the industry the opportunity to realize the goal of enterprise and individual value.
(2)Perceptions of employees, colleagues, respect, trust, partnership.
(3)Perceptions of customers and consumers: they make the product, service, continuous improvement and progress, to thank them, and try to turn them into the most valuable resource of enterprise 。
(4)Perceptions of competitors: it is a friend, it is the enemy, in the final analysis, or a friend, by the competition to the competition

③、View of money and wealth
The embodiment of the personal and enterprise value, is worth striving for, is also a kind of digital game, in the game to experience the fun of individual success and social contribution, rather than by fair means or foul will be digital changes from small to big.

(2)The methodology of HuaJun people

①、To realize self value and the method and approach of goals in life
My faith, unremitting efforts, integrate the internal and external resources, realize the goal of enterprise and individual value 。

②、Management of enterprises and realize the goal of enterprise
Not primarily by controlling the employee achieve management objectives, but set up collaboration competition mechanism, through incentives to help employees to achieve management objectives。

③、Processing enterprise relationship with employees, customers, consumers and competitors the basic method
Respect and trust. Qiangqiang cooperation, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit; Common development

2、 HuaJun people values
①、The value orientation of management aspects:Integrity, efficiency. The credibility of the first sale, and selling the products。
②、The value orientation of management:Responsibility and collaboration. Take responsibility, work together。
③、The value orientation of system:Internal integration, team and win-win。
3、 The mission of HuaJun company

①、Enterprise existing social significance and value

While fully realize personal and enterprise value, create value for society, improve people's living environment, work to improve the quality of people's lives 。

②、The social responsibility of the enterprise

(1)Proliferation to profit
Enterprises must be profitable, but the profit is not the only purpose and ultimate goal enterprise. Profit is the precondition of their own development and fulfilling social obligations 。

(2)For industry, product value and moral duty
Efforts to better environmental protection and energy saving products development, production, meet increasing consumer demand of life 。

(3)On the market, customer's value and moral duty
Market is the enterprise goal achieved "chemical plant", customer's products and services to improve advisor, staff officer. Our responsibility is to take full advantage of market opportunities and market resources, realize the goal of enterprise development and the social responsibility; Strive for the help and support of customers, improve our products and services, better meet the needs of customers.

(4)Contribution to the community
To provide staff to realize self value of the platform, made contributions to the economic construction in the region 。

4、 Enterprise faith

①、Confident in the value and the value of the selected

We firmly believe that:Honesty, mutual benefit and keep his promise is the foundation of a lasting success in business。

We firmly believe that:Conscientious, work together, the pursuit of efficiency, is a enterprise management the foundation of success.

We firmly believe that:Equal respect individuality, give play to comparative advantage, form a team with a common goal, the personal development goals and the target of enterprise development, is the assurance of enterprise long-term sustainable development 。

②、Mission of the enterprise will be convinced

We are sure that:Under the guidance of our management philosophy, adhering to our values, unremitting efforts, our staff will be able to improve the talent, increase their income to live a rich and happy life; Our dealers will be able to career success, bonanza, strength; Consumers will be able to benefit from our products and services and become our loyal customers.

5、 Enterprise vision

Belief and mission of the enterprise vivid portray

HuaJun will become a club * will respect, talents for enterprises。

HuaJun brand must be a love dealers, consumers trust the brand。

HuaJun staff cars and housing, have a happy family, happy, and full of confidence and a sense of achievement。

6、 The spirit of enterprise

①、Description of the employee group consciousness, inner attitude

I take pride in HuaJun company, I would like to contribution wisdom and strength for the company。

②、Description of the ideal pursuit, the stature of employees

HuaJun company mission and goal is my mission and goals, my life will flash here, my life will be worth here!

7、 morality

①、Ethical and moral

Worship day lover, self-reliance, do as you would, be done by。

②、The professional ethics

Professional, competent and responsible.

③、The professional ethics

Equality, cooperation, mutual benefit and reciprocity。