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  Distributor or agent after at least one person must through professional training, technical training issued by ningbo HuaJun qualified license, become ningbo HuaJun contributing in the region authorized service outlets, obtain HuaJun electrical products in the local design, construction and after-sales service。

  一、Technical service:

  Distributor or agent can design, installation engineering projects in this area, distributor or agent to the design of the project responsible for the quality of the final installation, the selection of engineering materials and auxiliary materials shall comply with the requirements of relevant national standard, HuaJun shall have the right to supervise the quality of the installation of the distributor or agent.

  二、After-sales service:

  Distributor or agent in charge of our agent area HuaJun electrical products to provide services and support and help to subordinate branches. Should add or supplement, according to the requirement of the HuaJun appliances after-sales services related to hardware/software facilities. In HuaJun electrical promised after-sales service within the time limit of product accessories, after the distributor or agent to replace, can with the old in new ways to exchange a new paragraph with HuaJun of electrical accessories. Outside of the accessories do not enjoy the after-sales service time limit to old change new, According to HuaJun appliances provide preferential price to buy accessories, at the same time, distributor or agent can reasonable parts and service fees to the user 。

三、Service responsibility
  1)、The reputation of the distributor or agent, consciously maintenance HuaJun electrical products, with the fastest speed to solve the problems at the aspect of HuaJun electric products after-sales service, at the same time not happen with any reason harm HuaJun appliances sales behavior。
  2)、The distributor or agent shall set up a special area for after-sales service, and has the specialist is responsible for 。
  3)、According to requirements of HuaJun electric reserve a certain amount of spare parts 。
  4)、Distributors or agents have the responsibility to attend various training according to the requirement of the HuaJun electrical。
  5)、Distributor or agent to deal with its own and employee behavior in the after-sales service, to ensure that no damage to HuaJun electric image 。
  6)、Distributor or agent shall timely provide HuaJun electrical appliances product quality and after-sales service as well as the national and local government requirement for similar products information, so that HuaJun appliances can know in time.