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1、Brand advantage——Ningbo HuaJun electric appliance co., LTD is the pioneer of the thermal energy saving water dispenser quickly and guide, the company's long-term commitment to research and development work speed heat energy saving water dispenser, obtained energy saving water dispenser invention patent certificate, patent certificate, water cooler heat exchangers design specifically to the certificate (Jacqueline Nottingham - 6) appearance patent certificate (Jacqueline Nottingham - 4) and so on a number of invention patent, is an expert in real energy saving water dispenser. Is a pioneer and leader of the energy saving water dispenser industry. In the industry and consumers have high visibility and influence. Easily recognised by consumers 。

  2、Large profit space——HuaJun companies use their own technical advantages and large-scale production, and standardize the production management, try to keep costs to a minimum, the dealer will partners, manufacturers, distributors and consumers win-win-win。

  3、Product advantage——Is the machine for safety in domestic drinking water hygiene products hygiene license at the national institutes of health certificate for energy saving water dispenser enterprise, and peer enterprises will be approved by the ministry of health related partial or approved by the health administrative department at the provincial level for related only. Use energy saving water dispenser HuaJun more energy efficient, safer, healthier and more comfortable 。

  4、The operation and management advantages——HuaJun electric appliance co., LTD. After years of market operation, successfully accumulated rich and unique direct selling and distribution experience, the development of the experience will support you better, and to provide you with the corresponding business circle, let your pay to maximize returns。

  5、Service advantages——"HuaJun" will provide top after-sales service for all levels of distributors, namely, in the sense of responsibility, patience, careful, sincere attitude, love to do a good job of service. Really make the cooperation between operators and consumers have no trouble back at home 。