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一、Brand support
  HuaJun appliances is the pioneer of the heated water dispenser and guide, across the country enjoy a high reputation and market share, HuaJun energy-saving hot water dispensers, aimed at the gold medal. "Environmental safety, high efficiency and energy saving" good social image is in line with the world development trend, the national energy policy, and comply with the national noble taste and pursuit of life.

二、Marketing support
  1、After-sales service support: party b shall do a good job in this region by after-sales service at ordinary times, party a give party b 3% of the energy saving water dispenser stock of after-sales rebates (all after-sales service and no complaints effectively, in the year-end one-time return of 3%). Party a to send technical personnel to checking regularly, and provide on-site technical guidance to party b's after-sales personnel 。
  2、Training support: party b in after the contract comes into force shall arrange a technician to party a factory for free engineering design installation, marketing and after-sales service skills training, training eligible party a shall issue the certificate. Training period, party a is responsible for providing personnel appointed by party b to the accommodation 。
  3、Publicity materials support: party a according to party b shall take delivery amount to party b for free with a certain number of product brochures, folding and other promotional items。
  4、Large delivery reward: party b has great engineering or single batch delivery amount is larger, according to the single batch delivery, party a to give a percentage of the reward. Party b can once into full play to the company, first points shipments. Persisting to the company account, or long-term capital late enjoy preferential with each shipment 。

  5、Year-end bonus: finish the annual task of pick up the goods, and party a by party b's total energy saving water dispenser take delivery of the corresponding proportion to give year-end bonus 。
  (Year-end bonus according to the annual settlement, nature of annual contract more than two months, the average monthly task accumulative proportionately years after quota; Natural year contract is equal to or less than 2 months, pick up the goods as well as the tasks this year are calculated cumulative to the next natural annual cumulative. )