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 一、Investment purpose
        Ningbo HuaJun electric appliance co., LTD., with "sincerity, people-oriented" for the purpose, to "fast heat, energy saving water dispenser and pipeline machine" as the core products, a leading 3 seconds speed hot, multiple temperature is adjustable, water smart technology, such as regulating HuaJun company to "creating the first brand of fast thermal equipment of China" as the goal with agents all over the channel, the organic integration of social resources, to create a win-win situation.

二、Investment scope
        Across the country recruit agents at all levels。

三、Investment promotion object
  1、Energy-saving water machine industry is committed to environmental protection and energy saving water purifiers, legal person or any natural person having a legal and valid business documents 。
  2、Have a strong desire to succeed and learning spirit。
  3、Have a certain financial strength and good commercial credit 。
  4、Understand the local market, the industry has perfect flow distribution network, the appropriate management place, have the ability to set up after-sales service, installation, maintenance 。
  5、Guangdong HuaJun business philosophy, have positive thinking habits of the quality。
  6、Sincere cooperation intention. Thinking and operating skills of market development and brand marketing idea, a good business reputation, loyalty to the brand 。